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Pets & their owners LOVE XyzPetSupply.com!


Join the friends of pets everywhere and welcome to XYZPetSupply.com! We are open around the clock.  XYZPetSupply.com was created to serve loving and devoted pet owners.

Our success is due to:

  1. Best price guarantee!
  2. Security & Privacy
    policies that matter!
  3. Secure transaction promise!
  4. Fast shipping and tracking!
  5. Gold standard in customer service!
  6. Fast communications!

Currently, we offer upwards of 16,000 products from hundreds of the top pet product manufacturers and premium pet food makers.

Customer Service:
We staff our business with workers committed to your customer service and satisfaction. If the phones are ever not answered, we are busy helping other customers - leave a message.  We return calls in the order received, for a much faster response, 
Email Us!

We love our pets and our customers - we hope you have as much fun as we do!  The staff at


17330 W. Center Rd. Ste 110 Box 129
Omaha, NE 68130

(402) 965-1886

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